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Psychiatrist and lawyers destroying mankind sung Procol Harum for ages ago. Today, I would say it is bankers and lawyers. On the other hand, I would say that the lawyers are only the tool, not the reason.

It is a fact that the banking industry has screwed up seriously. The question is that how much it should have been regulated? In my opinion, all of resources/businesses which are operating with limited areas should be regulated. Good example here in Finland is electricity. Basically you can buy electricity to your house from what ever company in Finland. Free competition. Bollocks. Then comes the transmission price which is defined by your local electricity company. And the electricity price won't rice, only transmission price. Maybe I should hire a lawyer...

Sorry, I went to sideways again. Back to the topic. I have a problem. Serious one. My mouth is faster than my brains. Time to time it is causing problems. Today it is causing more and more. Why? Our tolerance of bs. versus insult is narrowing. This means that we are going towards American extreme. Story goes that in Washington there are 1 lawyer per 1000 inhabitants. Do you want to be like that? I don't! Let there be bs!

But still I'm Strong as Samson ;-)
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