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According to physics, it is not constant. According me, there are time lines which are getting shorter and shorter. My generation has gone through many very big changes. My parents were part of the change from agricultural society to industrial one. Funny thing is that we still can see glimpses of the agricultural society, like lunch time at 11 o'clock. What are the changes of my generation? Some examples will follow.

If we start from the technological point of view, the 1st thing is the telephone. Although it is technology, it is obviously having effects to our social behaviour. One important milestone in the telephone history according to Finnish Wikipedia was 1876 when Italian inventor Antonio Meucci invented teletrofono, but there were issues with Mr. Alexander Graham Bell in USA. Obviously switches were manual in the beginning but the automated switch was developed/patented Almon Strowger in 1891. Or at least the key components.

Then came the mobility. Finland was the forerunner in this technology. The 1st network was ARP, analogue and the switching happened manually. Then came the NMT, 450MHz version and later on 900MHz version which introduced the 1st hand-held mobile, “Gorbachev”. When the GSM arrived, it was digital and European standard, our world was changed totally. Then came 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G and now 4G is raising its head. These technologies has change our world totally. They have also change our social behaviour. When you had last time your mobile switched off just for fun, not being in the aeroplane?

To be continued..
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