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During late sixties I was playing with the punch cards which my mum brought from the office. It was cool. Late 70's in school I had a touch of the 1st computer, Commodore Pet. 27Kb memory and c-cassette as a mass memory. Of course there were Vic 20 and Commodore 64. The one of the coolest game were The Dallas Quest and The Lazy Larry! Then came the PC, my 1st one was Ericsson PC with 8 inch floppy and 128k memory. Because I was engineer student, I built 128k more memory to it. MS-Dos was 1.0, later 2.11. Then came MS-Dos 3.x and the Windows. The big question at that time was that do you really need more memory than 640k. According to Microsoft, no.

Anyway, there was time of the minicomputers and the workstations like MicroVax and Sun but things came back to the PC. We had NT, Windows 2000 etc. and Mac lived its own life. Now we are looking what is going to happen with the tablets? Will they kill the PC?

Anyway, the trend is that the hardware is not going to be the issue. It is a standard. If we forgot the Apple.

To be continued...
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