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Interweb! Like our friend, Homer would say.

Now we are talking about the megatrend! Late 80's I was working in a company which was importing IP-technology to Finland. At that time it was just a tool how your workstation was communicating with a computer. Then came Tim Berners-Lee. The change of our world started. We are now on-line, we have to be. Otherwise we don't exist.

SMS started the gap between my generation and the younger one. Maybe we are just about to be able to follow it, like terms lol etc. SMS created because of its 160 character limitation incredible amount of shortenings, credits to our younger generation. But it was a beginning.

Today it is a question of being on-line. What can you do there, how to behaviour there. There is a etiquette how to act there. That is the challenge. Me and my generation manages it, just about, but my parent's generation are challenged. Some of them manages the situation but some of them are denying it and its existence. When the public and private services are going to net more and more, this development is dividing the people in different categories. On-line and off-line.

End of the story. Maybe...
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