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I'm repeating myself so much that the readers (if there are any) will be pissed off. But the key message is that don't lie on the ground when there is a fire (weapons). Expression is difficult to translate from Finnish or at least the message is not easy to forward by an other language, but anyway, like I have mentioned million times or even more: the only permanent thing is the change. Most of the hassles in the world are due to the fact that people don't accept the change. It moves us out from our comfort zone. For example, would you have believed ten years ago that there would be discussions about the Internet etiquette or generations x, y and z?

All of the three previous stories are describing the change. Do you think that the change won't happen any more. Of course it will! More often and and with heavier effects! The question is that are you capable hang with it? I am. Just about. Hopefully. But how long can I cope with it, that is the challenge. Most likely, life is a b... But you have to live it!

End of the fourth part of the trilogy :)
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