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I was watching BBC's programme First life, obviously Sir David Attenborough was there. He was giving a lesson to the business people. Same old story what I've been preaching all of the time. What it is? You have to remember and accept that the only permanent thing in this world is the change.

Keeping a long story short. How we have developed to be as we are today, and I don't believe any external touch like God or UFOs. The history of mammals is describing the path very well. In the beginning of the time the key requirement for the mammals was capability to reproduce. The 2nd issue was to adapt to the changes in the environment. These facts are actually the same shit where we are living in today. The capability to adapt has brought us to where we are today. The funny thing or should I say the contradiction is that we by nature are trying to avoid changes. We want to stay in the comfort zone. This is a example how your business should do. Adapt. Move out from your comfort zone. Keep on moving all of the time, but remember to think why and where you are moving. Every step you take have to have a good reason.

It is a boring attitude from me, but still it is a fact! The message is that how and to what you and your business is going to adapt in 2012!? I wish you good luck what ever your challenges are!
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