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My son was giving a presentation to his English class and he decided to tell about his time in Ireland, Limerick. It raised memories, really nice ones.

Story starts from the summer 2000. I was a Business Manager of a unit which was very stable, boring by my standards. I went to my boss to tell that I'm getting bored with this unit. After thinking 10ms he said go to Ireland, we have a business unit there with challenges (or he want to get rid of me, which is probably better guess). And I went.

Anyway, this story is not about business, it is about the people. Especially how nice the people can be. Especially in Ireland.

The start was a disaster. When family came to familiarise themselves to the place the 1st stop was Heathrow. Fire alarm and we were standing next to plane outside of the terminal. When we got to Ireland, whole weekend was pissing rain and the weekend was more or less disaster. Still the family agreed to move there.

It was Christmas 2000. One week before it family came to Ireland. We were staying in the hotel. The container with our stuff came on the 22nd of December. We were quite in a hurry to make a Christmas for us within 2 days. But we did, we had a Christmas tree, ham (very important for Finns) and house more or less in order. We were ready to enjoy about the Christmas. The interesting thing is that in Finland the key day is 24th, but in Ireland it is the 25th. Neighbours has noted our arrival, all of them welcomed us, our door was suffering about all of the knocks.

Two doors down were living grandparents of Conor. Their conclusion was that my son felt alone and needed a pal for playing, doing kid's things. Michael drop Conor to our house and since that they were best friends. They didn't have a common language, just the toys.

Where would you leave your grandchild?

To be continued...
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