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Company used to be a star, kind of Apple of its time. It is over 130 years old. They were the top player of the film industry. Their market share of the films in USA was over 80% and they were paying big bonus to their employers every year. They invented/developed digital camera, or at least they were one of the 1st companies to bring them to the markets. Something went wrong. Now they are under protection of chapter 11. Up to the 2007 they had laid of 27000 employees.

What went wrong?

Their down hill is estimated to start from the Olympics 1984 where main sponsor was Fuji. Kodak thinking them as a cheap brand. Film business started go down early 2000. Company didn't adapt to the change fast enough. They were already in digital business, but they didn't take it seriously. They tried to do business with Apple but they were not able to break through to digital business. The rest is history. Can they survive? Who knows.

The story is very important lesson that you have to be sensitive what is happening in the world. The only permanent thing in the business world is the change. Be sensitive!
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