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Some time ago one lad from UK issued a theory about the development of the species. His name was Charles Darwin. It is called evolution theory. Still some people (read idiots) denies it, they believe something else, called God. Evolution has made us what we are and in the future what we are going to be. Unfortunately, there is a risk that we destroy ourselves due to the fact that we are destroying our environment. One interesting example is that there was a arsenic mine in Devon, UK. It was closed about 170 years ago and the area is extremely toxic. During this 170 years nightcrawlers developed to be able to survive in this environment. Where we are going to be in next 170 years?

From biological point of view, evolution is easy. It just happens, you don't need to do anything. Or maybe just get a son or a daughter or several of them. We are good in the position where we don't need to do anything.

In the business world we have evolution as well. The difference comes from the fact that we can't be passive. We have to monitor the world actively and act, not react. If we are in the reacting mode, it is usually too late. Evolution drivers are called megatrends which are the parameters for your strategy towards your vision. One of the key the megatrends is the time. Or actually lack off it. Eastman Kodak had 132 years from the beginning to the end. Who remembers Digital Equipment Corporation? We are still enjoying some of their inventions. It lived roughly 60 years. What about companies under label “new economy”? Like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. What is their expected life time? Most likely shorter than your or mine, especially if they don't develop all of the time. Yes, I am repeating myself but still, am I right or am I right ;-)
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