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Can you do it? Probably not, I just used the headline because it sounded funny and it rhymed. You have to be successful on-line. The question how you measure it.

If you are having a business, it is very obvious that you receive offers for the Google ads, there are shit loads of their agents. 1000 hits for price of x€. Not interested in. Here in Finland there are companies trying to cash hits and they have their case in court. Hits are nothing, I would pay something for real connections, like phone call or filed contact form on my web-site. Can I get that type of deal? Nope. Am I old stylish? Maybe, but I want value for my money.

The search engine optimisation is not a rocket science, even I can dot it. Type “liikkeenjohdon konsultointi strategia” to Google and the 1st non paid link should be … Because of the optimisation, I've received one RFQ, in two years (maybe I should write something to here).

On the other hand, it is quite funny what kind of search phrases will link to your web site, I'm surprised. Some examples of links to my web-site:
- telenor paperless office strategy
- 96% of the microsoft business actually is performed through partners idc
- runescape lottery logo
- economie when the shit hits the fan
- @pp.inet.fi @2010 txt emails managers -419 -eater -scam -scam -fraud -.co.uk
- to download free of charge advisers and indicators really
- guild wars lost my account info but i still got the cassete

Just to mention few. And these are more or less because of my blog. This means that the challenges in the new communications are different than we used to (at least my generation). We just have to cope with it!
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