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As a Finn, I've been following about the discussion around Nokia. Unfortunately the discussion which been risen has been brought up by the people who really don't understand the facts.

1.Mr. Elop is a messenger, he is trying to clean up and recover already made mistakes. Don't shoot him.
2.Mistakes were done somewhere in between 2000-2010
3.And the mistake was.... arrogance and keeping status quo

What the competitors did?
1.Apple have the habit to change the rules in business, and they did
2.Google is following that path with its own strategy

The key point is in the digital world that it changes, really fast. Nokia had challenges in early 90's and they handled them. The challenges were mainly logistical, demand was bigger than their delivery capacity. Today, Apple built up a new type of business model, not just for mobile phone but the full ecosystem meaning application and the distribution channel for them. Nokia didn't react (or act) to it and now the shareholders are suffering of it. Nokia Store wasn't successful enough compared to its competitors. It was obvious that they had to do something.

Today the key thing is in the mobile world is the ecosystem. Lad from Nokia said in one event in Finland that there are 3 type of ecosystems, good, bad and the evil ones. He had point in his message, but still, I selected the bad one.

When you are developing software there is a one fact. You have redesign and code your system from the scratch time-to-time. Is this done? Nope. What is the age of Symbian? It was very obvious that Nokia had to something and the options were following:
1.Rewrite Symbian
2.Join Android
3.Continue with MeeGo
4.Join Microsoft

My favourite was MeeGo but they decided differently. We'll see what happens, hopefully they'll recover.
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