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Or is there a business. Of course I'm observing what is happening in Finland, but it is a fact of whole business area. Everywhere, question is just about the time. And by way, there is a business, it's just a question how you handle it.

S-curve in Finland is in the saturation phase. It s very challenging phase for the operators. Telia-Sonera has more or less thrown the towel to the boxing ring. Elisa have taken the lead and DNA is following. It is obvios that Telia-Sonera's focus is not in Finland, it is in East-South where the growth is. Easy markets.

When analysing the mobile/telecom markets in Finland during 1990 to 2012 some things are very obvious:
Operators have difficulties to understand that they are in competetive markets. Actually they still have difficulties to accept it.
When marketing manager don't have ideas prices will go down
Or double services by price of one (ADSL + mobile)
Everyone offers the same, just price differentiation, no real ideas!

When analysing Finnish operators I have to give the 1st price to Elisa and the 2nd price to DNA. Looser is TeliaSonera which focus is somewhere else.

What is the moral of the story? This happens always, I mean the S-curve. The fact is that you've accept it and play accorringly. Wake up, you have to recover!

Why not to think about the possibilities...
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