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People living in Rome had a term, Auctoritas. That told everything. It still with us. It is defining our position in the world where we are operating, Today, it is gadgets. Nowadays when I'm travelling (especially short trips), I'm having more electronics with me than the cloths. I am travelling with 2 mobiles, chargers for them of course, iPod and the charger and the laptop with a charger. One shirt and underwear per day, tooth brush and a razor.

Our new world specification started in the 90's. The 1st gadget was a mobile phone. It stayed quite long as a one or even most important toy, it was called as a yuppie teddy bear. Today the mobile penetration in the western countries is over 100%.

New gadgets are smart phones, MP3 players, GPS tools etc. With these toys we define our position in the society. How you define your iAuctoritas?
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