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I was about year ago in a event where was one Nokia guy speaking, if I remember correctly his name was Francois and he is working with the smart phones in Nokia. He was talking about the mobile ecosystems. He defined three types of ecosystems, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Bad is Apple, everything having a price. Steve Jobs hated free things. But it is openly bad. You know what you get. And you pay for it.

The Ugly one is Google and Android. They are collecting your personal information. Why? Because it is a tool to sell advertisements, profiling the targets. Who reads the terms of usage? It is very difficult to know how much Google knows about you.

The Good one is of course the Microsoft one. Why? Everything is open, no hidden agenda. Or is there? Indian security analyst Gaurang Pandya found out that the https-traffic of Nokia's Xpress browsers will go via Nokia's servers. They are also decoding the information. So all your private data like passwords and credit cars details is known by Nokia if your are using Xpress browser. Nokia has confessed this. The question is that where is the Good one. I'm using the Ugly one.
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