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I have written of this earlier, this is not a question of mathematics, it is a question of common sense. There are EU level discussion that you have to raise the age when you can retire. On the other hand, show me the company which has recruited 55+ person. Yes, maybe public company's CEO. So how many vacancies there are for to be a CEO in a public company?

Part time jobs for new mothers? Where are they? Haven't seen part time job culture here.

Early start for students. Big joke. If you work, you will easily loose the government support for studying, which is not enough to stay in the main business, studying.

Sorry to say but when company has to lay off people, usually they will start from the oldest ones. The other fact is that the Finnish laws don't support part time jobs, it don't deny it but it makes it bloody expensive.

Conclusion. You can stuck your the Excel-sheet below zero. If you want to change the situation, you have to change the structures.
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