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WTF, like the teenager living in my house would say. I don't understand what is the reason for this hate. In the Spain there are 49 million people and 2000 wolfs. In Italy 50 million people and 1200 wolfs. In Finland 5,5 million people, 150 ones. Bloody hell. Will they destroy our current way of the life. And the space.

It is really interesting how we (not me) are still having the hate attitude to the predators. On the other hand, what we are? We are the predators!

When the wolfe has killed a human? In Finland? Somewhere 1800! When the Finnish person has killed Finnish person? Today... Now. Why? When Finnish person has killed a Wolfe?

If it is true that the heard of five wolfs is killed by the local hunters. I'm very disappointed to this country and I won't to be proud of my background. Are you proud?
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