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When the company places itself to be public, listed in a public stock exchange. What happens? It looses its freedom to the possibilities. After the IPO it is really difficult to do strategical movements, the CEO changes be a chicken. I define strategical movement when you are planning to grow faster than the organic growth is in your business area. Usually the companies done the IPO are limited that can they do big things or not. The old public companies, if they are operated properly are I in the good shape. Like Kone Oyj for example.

Stock exchange is a good way to fund a company. If the company needs more capital, it can do the emission. Or if it is a question of a merger, the values are easy to calculate. Question is that how many companies in Finland has done it? To be funny and stupid and everything else, do we need OMX Helsinki?

But... There is a always a but. How these companies are analysed? Well there are a group of just graduated lads and lissies who has whee been educated to read key figures defined by the economists. No understanding of the business of the corporation.

I'm repeating myself, but the quarter economy sucks! Hopefully I'm trying to leave this subject! One day.
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