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Every day's news is that the big company (usually publicly listed) outsources part of it's staff. What happens after that, they'll be laid off after the some time. Does this mean that some of our major outsourcing companies are the major laid off companies, like Accenture, Tata Services and some others.

It is a fact that if there is a function that you have to have, it is cheaper to do it yourself. It is a big question mark for the benefits of the outsourcing. It looks very good in your balance sheet but how it looks in your P&L?

Our quarter economy thinking has generated very bad management behavior, there are no chances to have a long distance plans, only the cheese slicer and hoping that this quarter or maybe the next one looks nice. But how about the future?

The structure of our economics is very complicated. There are structures which which Jon Doe can't understand. Those structures can crash our economics. They have done major crises starting from early 90's and we are suffering one right now. If we go backwards, it means gold is the hard currency. If we go forward, it means... What? I don't know but we have to think something else.

Our outsourcing started from China and India. Then it went to Vietnam and some other countries. China is outsourcing to Africa. When is the date when someone is outsourcing to Europe. Not far away. There were news that the US companies are coming back to USA.
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