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Have you Googled yourself? What did you find out? What if the Supo, FBI, NSA, CIA and all of the secret acronyms there are can read your FaceBook updates? Is your privacy unsecured? Bollocks! If you write something to Facebook, you have left your privacy. Todays megatrend is that there are no secrets.

On the other hand, you and your friends don't need to open your hart. We can use PGP for writing our emails and forget the Facebook! It is a pain in the below the zero if you are thinking of your life. On the other hand, you have to understand that the privacy is very limited.

It is summer. No news. So the lemmus lemmus (Norwegian lemming, meaning press) is following the on target, Edward Snowden. He told us an issue which anyone could have guessed, U.S.A. is following the net, using companies from U.S.A. like Microsoft. U.S.A. Has not yet find out the megatrend that everything you do will be public. There will be other Edwards. It is interesting detail that there is a EU rule which says that if Governmental organisations are using cloud services there servers have to be inside EU. Wonder why ;-)

What is your privacy? Is the netcam in your bedroom private? Are your messages in FB to your friends public? Should your emails in Outlook be available for NSA? Remember the megatrend, do the things in a way which can be shown in the front page of the newspaper!

Funny detail is that this same issue bothered me exactly 2 years ago.
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