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Is my favourite statement. I believe that Nokia did it again. On the other hand, what did Microsoft? They did the same.

Nokia has an interesting history, 150+ years of Finnish industry. Starting from the timber and the paper, continuing to the rubber boots and then the electronics. Telecoms was there and the consumer electronics was the jackpot. They have had a bumpy ride during their history. Up to 90's their strategy was to do everything but two major management issues change the situation, suicide of the CEO and the next CEO and Managing Director didn't work together. Both were laid off. Then started Ollila's period and we know the results.

Keeping long story short, what went wrong? Arrogance. Believing that it is same procedure as usual. The mobile business changed from hardware store towards service business and Nokia was focusing to the pixels of the camera. You can't win only by adding more pixels to the camera. Microsoft haven't brought up anything really new. You have to something different. Really different.

Microsoft's purchase is a chance for both companies, possibility to new vision for mobile company and resources for Nokia to search for new diamond.

Off course there is the X-files part. When the Microsoft-Nokia deal was designed. My guess before Mr. Elop joined to Nokia.

Anyway, both companies are having now their possibilities to renew!
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