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I'm just watching program from telly where is a Finnish opposition leader from the centre party. Funny thing is that I agree some of his taughts. Maybe I should shoot myself!

Finland is having one electricity network, privately owned and the owner is planning to sell it. This network is the core how the Finnish electricity is distributed around the country. My electricity bill has two components, the electricity and the transfer price. The transfer price is a element of the local network. I can choose from where I by my electricity but I can't choose the delivery of it. In practise it means that electricity prices goes down and transfer prices goes up. What this means, we have local monopolies.

On the other hand. We have three nation wide mobile networks. In my opinion we need only two, third one is a waste of money looking from national point of view, maybe even we could survive with one if it has been built properly.

Infrastructure LTD means that we would have a company owned by the government which will take care of the functions of the society which are by nature or due to the costs monopolies. Like electricity network, mobile network, telephone cables, water pipes etc. There is no from national economy point of view duplicate these. So lets nationalise them! Am I communist? No, I can do the maths from the national economy point of view.
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