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HUS (Helsinki area's hospital) patient service application, 2011-2018, 166M Euros
Government economy-and personnel admin, 2008-2016, 122M Euros
The development of national service architecture, 2014-2017, 120M Euros
Taxman's service architecture, 2011-2019, 109MÄ

And then 120M Euro to x-road. WTF. What is it? How and who has defined it? What are the specifications? Something like in Estonia? Yes, because Estonia (IT wonderland) has it we have to have it too. When somebody mentions a public IT-programme, the Government pulls his/hers pants down and raises up the b... IT-programmes are so cool you must put your money to them, no common sense needed.

We have done one public IT-programme, successfully. The e-receipt. Good business for somebodies. Small company needs to invest something between 10000-20000 Euros to get the application and about 2000 Euros per month. I would have done web-application with strong security. Today we have application operated/owned by a duopoly. Due to the fact how the competition rules are interpreted, that is what we are suffering. Big ones rules and e-receipt-like of monopolies are build by the Government.

And it is yours (and mine) money!
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