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We have received our results, only the 12th. Now we have to execute all our teachers, Minister of Education and other related officers. Shame of them.

This is a good example of the media's blindness, or capability to look around. One simple target and everyone is running towards it. We have a good education system, but like everything it has to be developed continuously. And we do. This hazzle is only created by the media. I won't get sleepless nights because of the Pisa results. We were number 12, but how many were behind us? That figure you can't find out from the media. What that tells to you? Math problem in the media?

Then the question is that what is Pisa? Is it just an organisation which is collecting public funds? The world is full of those type of organisations. Maybe I am nasty or seen too much.

Anyway, although the Pisa results, Finland is still independent. Congrats to The Finland!
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