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It is the key word of today. And it sounds sexy. How to fund businsess of the shipyard. Is that sexy?How many millions you need for that? How many jobs you will save? Yes, the deal was funded, somehow.

In my opinion we have a bigger problem. Liisa has a has a barber shop in Kallio. She don't have a Mercedes Benz, not a Jaguar (poor lissy) but she has a bread and butter, every day. Liisa is renting 3 seats. Everyone gets their money and living. She wants to retire. Who will buy the shop? None of them? And then comes the mysterious investor... Or .. Am I dreaming.

Today investors are looking for quick wins, On the other hand, my hair still is growing which mean that I need to have a meeting with Liisa.

I am an engineer, so I'm playing with the maths. We have roughly 50.000 companies waiting for a chance of generation, like Liisa. Not a SuperCell, no a jackpot. But if I take Liisa as an example. 4 jobs times fifty thousand is what? My calculator is running out of batteries.
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