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I've been always been pissed off of different stuff. Today it is the car taxation. In Finland.

Today we pay taxes when we are driving and owning it. And obviously petrol has a tax. But are you followed?

Just one notice of the Ollila's team, how many of them are building of their business around GPS-tracking?

And then we are coming to the big picture. Our Minister of the area Merja Kyllönen recognises what is the problem (and is too stupid to open her...). Government wants us to use less energy. That generates less taxes to the government. This is a real problem. The message is that if you save your petrol consumption, you will see some interesting taxes.

And by the way, government say that all of the money collected from cars/driving goes to the road network. I say that our Government is seeking a new source of money. How to collect money from the cars, which uses less petrol?

We (or someone) is building the system, or planning of it, like Big Brother...
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