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It is an interesting fact that we Finns are always playing by the rules. Most likely we are the only nation which follows all of the EU rules, even the stupid ones. I don't try to claim that this is a heaven, yes we have criminals too, we have corruption and other not so nice phenomenas. But still, we are doing the right things. In my opinion on key point I that we are also trying to develop old things. One example is that if you check plumbing in UK or Ireland, technology is the same that we had in 60's. Don't even mention the roadworks.

We should utilise our reliability and our exactness. We have already done it in a small way. In Russia. They will buy from Finland, even higher price than same product from Russia smaller price.

What is the story behind the headline? That woman, I have seen her. My neighbours in Ireland were almost afraid of her! She is always on time. Time what was agreed. She was walking my son and neighbours daughter to the school. She was every day (except one morning when we got free night in Dromoland Castle in County Ennis) on-time waiting for Kelly-Ann. It was really funny to follow-up how big effort they have to have to get Kelly-Ann out on-time. When we had a kind of leaving dinner, they mentioned That Woman was always on-time waiting for Kelly-Ann.
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