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1985 I had a summer job, in PTT (Post and Telecommunications of Finland). My job was to calculate the attenuations between the switches. The best part of the job was that I had to measure samples, usually I picked the remote ones because they were potential problems. When I was doing the job, I got PTT car, big black Saab, with ARP or NMT phone. Both of them are analogue mobile phones. I was the king.

In 90's we spent our honeymoon in Scotland. Defined shortly, we had a book B&B in Scotland, train ticket which allowed us to travel by British Railways in three days in a month as much we could. And a phone card. And we survived.

94 I started in new job. I got a mobile phone, GSM, Nokia 2110. I was a gizmo king! Again. Even the customers were jealous because I had a mobile phone and laptop.

Today we all are having a mobile phone, my son has most expensive one in our house, my wife is has the next one (inherited from my son) and I have the cheapest one. Still, with it I can do what I need.

Can you think your life today without mobile, maybe my generation yes, but our children....

The gizmo of the decade is.... the Mobile Phone!
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