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Nothing is permanent. Except the change. Like earlier mentioned by the nature we are avoiding the change. And still it is here all of the time.

One example. How the music business screwed it up. They made two major mistakes. The 1st one was a bit smaller, the C-cassette. Media was cheaper than the vinyl, but they put the price higher than LP. Next mistake was the CD. Same thing. Media was cheaper than the previous ones. And the price for the consumers? Went up. And the result was the piracy. C-cassette can be copied as well the CD. What is the lesson you need to learn? If you find out an invention which reduces your costs you have to push it to your value chain.

What is the picture of the music business today. In practice the record labels are useless. Thanks to Steven Jobs who pushed the music business to this decade. He built business model which is fair to Apple and to the record labels. But is it fair to the artists? And then there is Spotify, is it fair to the artist? I'm not sure. There are music makers which don't use record labels, only their own web-sites. Is that the future of the music business?

The key message is that the music business is under big change, what is the next business going to the change in a big way? Books?
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