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Today we are expected to be on-line 24/7. If you don't answer to the email within minutes you are classified to be an unsocial person. You have to Tweet, update your FB-pages and write a blog.

In the good old days we wrote letters, if we were cool we wrote letter to the editor. And if the letter was published, we were the king. Almost a celebrity.

This is again one example about the fact that what is only permanent thing? The change. The question is that are you following the time and the trends what it brings to you. This I the part of the big picture what is happening to the media industry. What is the value what the professional editors are bringing? Today you are the editor, you can publish your news. You are the editor of your news, is it a blog, maybe tweet or something else.

Now we are coming to the Finnish history, when the lad from Savo (Eastern part of Finland) opens his mouth, responsibility is transferred to the listener. This I also the question of the today's media. Today you are not reading facts from the net, you are reading opinions. That's the key difference!

(This blog is a fact ;-) , not an opinion)
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