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When I use to be young, around 80's there was always an issue when writing code, memory size. In their great wisdom, Microsoft had decided that 640kB is enough. Yes, I am talking about MS-DOS. Then came memory extension drivers and plying with them. Especially different Lan-drivers were a head-ache, they were eating memory from the main applications. When we had a memory problem or something time critical item, sub-routine was written by Assembler instead of C. But we survived up to the more modern operating systems. Then we ended up to the situation where the abstraction level of the programming languages went so high that one started to suspect conspiracy between the software and the hardware manufacturers, always needed more memory, more disk space and more MHzs. This development has delivered us coder generation which can be called sloppy coders.

This old heritage of non-sloppy coders still exists within people who are doing work in embedded world. They have to know the limitations of the used hardware and live with it.

Today we have a platform which is general like PC but in fact it is by nature an embedded hardware. Smart phone. I'm using an Android phone and today I'm suffering continuously “Memory almost full” messages. This is due to the fact that the sloppy coders educated by the PC world are writing Mobile Apps.

I have studied the issue. Discussion forums are also full of stories around this issue. Some of my observations. Yes, you have memory extension, SD-card. But it is only a limited amount of Apps which can be moved to it. Why? Some Apps are generating some kind of dynamic data which is eating the memory. Biggest memory eaters are Google applications, Play and I can't even install Google drive because of the memory eaters. FB is also pain in the butt (pardon my French). Play eats memory about 6MB without connection to net and FB eats 20MB. At least FB can be moved to SD, but none of Google Apps what I have. So we are in the situation that you have to buy new phone due to the application development. Reminds me of something...

The moral of the story is that good and cheap product are two different products.
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