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What if your USP today is copper underground? How would you utilise it?

In Finland we have loads of local telephone companies which history is beginnings from the late 18's. Have they adapted to today? Nope. They are really local organisations managed by the locals, me and my fellas. They use to be The company of the area.

What is going to happen today? My mum will die, one day. She is going to be the last customer of the local telephone company having a land-line phone. This is the mega trend in that industry.

Some of the local telephone companies have tried to get out of their historical box, seeking new business' areas, some of them have spent their time to fight around Finnet and DNA (which seems to be stabilised today). There are some kind of development in some of the local telephone companies, some of them are going to security business (which is logical due to the copper) and some of them is moving towards cloud services (which is logic due to …). But... Always comes the but! What is the USP?

The starting point is:
- no-one uses land-line phones (except my mum)
- mobile data is going to kill land-line (is it going to be 4G or 5G or (n+1)G)
- the generation me and after me won't understand the copper because it won't deliver any value today.
What is the value you are generating to the your customers?

Shit hit the fan. What next?
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