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It was funny this morning when I watched the telly. The 1st ad was Sonera advertising its Spotify package and next ad was the Norwaygian's and no package.

The mobile phone industry, including the mobile phone manufacturing and the operator business have shown us the S-curve, what is the life cycle of the business. Unfortunately it is a fact of life. If I look from the operator point view the history it looks like this.

Early adopters, huge growth and ARPU was 40€+. Sonera and Elisa (Radiolinja at that time) collected those fruits. Then came the competition. DNA confused the Finnish markets, as it is logical to all of the busines'. There are always newcomers to pick the fruits.

The competition was too much to the players. Technology was a part other story and the player were able to convince the regulator to ease it. Package was the thing. And it is still. WTF.

When following the Finnish mobile operators the conclusion is very simple, Veli-Matti has done very good job, Sonera is a looser in this market and DNA is a question mark.
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