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I've mentioned that I got rid of the Facebook application in my mobile. The reason was that it was eating the memory although I wasn't logged in or using it. Now we have to think what is the reason? My 1st thought was FB is having lousy coders. On the other hand... If the target of the application is to collect as much information of your mobile behaviour as possible the memory usage is understandable.

In few minutes FB application ate memory roughly 16MB. How much information you dump on that? My name is less than 100 bits. What kind of information I delivered from your mobile in 16MB package?

It is funny that the teenager are leaving the FB. Their reason I mainly that their parents are using it. But...

Yes, we have a big brother. It is not your Mum nor Dad. His name starts with Z. And we accept him, very often like.

Why not to check how your mobile phone's memory is used.
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