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Our “wise” Governmental officers has decided new rules for smoking cigarettes. No smoking in your own balcony, no smoking in a public beaches and of course, no brands to be seen on the boxes. Yes, this will solve the situation. Or does it?

Bollocks. Taxes of the cigarettes will generate a nice income to the government. It is very challenging to kill a milking cow. I was told that the packet of cigarettes in Australia costs about 20€. Do they want to get rid of the cash cow?

Forgetting the hypocrisy around smoking cigarettes, define them illegal. Nicotine patches for free to everyone who needs. Drug police will have bit more to do but life is a b....

The question is that is our Government thinking of the public health or income?

Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. Luckily I don't do that.

After writing this, I've earned my cigarillo ;-)
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