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I live in Helsinki. North part of it, in Paloheinä. In practice, country side of Helsinki. So I decided with my son to have a tourist trip to down town. Tour started by meat pie an coffee market square (kauppatori) with my brother and his wife who were visiting us (and others) from Dubai. Then we walked to decorated market hall (kauppahalli), Tähtitorninmäki and visited Hagelstam's Antiquarian (bought a book of development of Finland's independence, written in 1917, price 3 Euros). Then we walked around the Hietalahti's flea market and market hall. And then lunch. Back to the market square and blueberries to home. Tram to Töölö and visit to the Sibelius monument, most visited tourist attraction. Then back to home.

I enjoyed the trip. My son was excited too, he said that it was a new view to home town, or is it city? How you define which is city and which is town? I have a simple definition. City people are talking about distances in time, town people in kilometres.

Anyway, my recommendation is that study your home town/city, you will definately find something interesting. For people in Helsinki, locate the place in attached picture.
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