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A big question of the current usage of the Internet. Internet is free for everyone and it gives you loads of free content. Is it free? Should it be free? My message is that workman should have his/hers salary. The big issue in the Internet world is the earning models.

Music business is a good example. It is under a big change. It started from the C-cassettes. Yes, the C-cassettes got a stupid tax-kind-off fee, copying fee. This fee went to mobile phones, memory sticks and what ever you can think about. Basically to every device where you can store data. On the other hand, music industry screwed up their business case by themshelves. How? They introduced C-cassette, cheaper media than the vinyl. What happened, it was more expensier than the vinyl. After that came the CD. Again cheaper media. But. Price went up again. Problem was that both new medias was easy to copy, so they created the possibility for piracy. I think mainly because of the pricing policy.

Then came the iTunes. It made a revolution to the industry. However, I think that Steven Jobs offered a fear deal to the music industry, from 0.99$ something like 0.79$ goes the record lable.

Today the challenge of the music industry is the streaming. Finnish artist, Anssi Kela estimates that he earns 0,002 Euros per stream. Minus taxes.

What is the moral of the story? The record labels are today useless, they don't create any value to the artists. You can easily break up without any label.

Bigger picture is that digitalisation will do the same thing anywhere.
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