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I draw the attached picture roughly 15 years ago while I was analysing how the mobile markets worked from the market point of view. Very simplified model is that when there is 1 operator, the issue is the coverage. When the second one comes, yes there are some competition but very light, based mainly on services. The third one is the bad boy who brings the price competition. After that market is quite messy and hard one.

The big discussion in Finland today is the price of the grocery. This market has been a duopoly for ages and the two major players has controlled the market. Now the third one has rose its market share so high the the two other ones have announced (or maybe joined to the) price reductions. We'll see what are the next steps.

One big challenge waiting for the grocery business is online shopping which still very small here in Finland. That is going to be the big shaker like it has been for printed media and it seems to be also already a big issue for the consumer products.
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