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I'm a frequent traveller between Helsinki and Vaasa, according to Google maps 416 km from door-to-door. Roughly once in a month. Because I'm a engineer I'll summarise my conclusions in an excel-format (or actually LibreOffice Calc). I've travelled this route by three different ways recently, my own car, VR (Finnish government owned train company) and quite new private bus company Onnibus.com. Unfortunately, I've done this trip only once by Onnibus.com so the results learned don't have much scientific al evidence but the direction can be concluded. See the attached file.

The conclusion is that VR has a pricing problem. I don't think that 20cm more feet space is worth of the price that they charge. Some services, like WiFi are about virtual, yes they have it but does it connect outside world? Occasionally but not very often. But key point is that can the historical pricing model work today? Nope. Yes, VR has moved a bit towards today, but is it enough? If and when the competition comes to railways, what happens to VR? Competition has already begin to change the situation in long distance bus traffic and it is hitting the railways too. We'll see. By the way, VR is paying 100M Euros dividends to its owner.

From there we coming to the key issue. What is the mission of VR? Same issue is with electricity/energy companies owned by the cities. Is their mission to fund oversized budget done by the politicians? Today, yes it is. Should it be so?
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