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Hi I'm bogey_man and I'm an entrepreneur. [Audience] Hi bogey_man! I'm typical entrepreneur in Helsinki area, one man company and specialist/consultant. Roughly 65% of members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Helsinki area are like me. So in Helsinki area there are mine type of companies more than 4000 in the organisation mentioned before. In theory, if everyone recruits one person, it means more than 4000 jobs. Nationally this organisation has 110000 members which means about 70000 one man companies, which means 70000 new job possibilities. And now it is time to tell why not or why the case is really weak.

I'm also an engineer. When an engineer gets bored, he/she starts to play with Excel, in my case because I'm a Linux guy so I play with the LibreOffice Calc. See the file attached to the story.

Average salary in Finland is 18 Euros per hour, but when we are talking about specialists 50 Euros per hour is better guess. If the company invoices 100 Euros + V.A.T. (24%) lets see how the cash is distributed around.

Customer pays 124 Euros. Tax man gets 43.5 Euros, company gets 33 Euros, employee gets 32 Euros and insurance companies 15.5 Euros.

Keep also in mind that with the company's 33 Euros entrepreneur has to cover costs, like company premises, insurances, health care etc. And what if the employee isn't delivering 100 Euros in every hour of the day? Cost 50 Euros per hour stays. Do you want to be an employer?

This formula has developed a new type of entrepreneurship, team entrepreneurs. It means that one man companies are teaming up and sharing the business and risks.
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