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Was a hit in 80's. Todayís killer is internet. It is not targeting anyone but its effect is changing the business. Today the sufferer is the printed media. Internet has educated us to read short stories, no background, only headlines. What is the strength of printed media, the analysis of the of the background. Or is it? Our number one printed media in Finland is Helsingin Sanomat. Today (22nd of the August 2015) there was a half page story where lad who is living in the rented flat was complaining how the decoration of the yard has been done (bloody hell, buy own house decorate your garden your style). Is this story worth of being in number one news paper in Finland? Maybe the lad is a good friend of the editor.

Currently I see the only possibility for the printed media is the quality. Yes, the printed media has to be on-line. The earning logic is a challenge. No-one hasn't solved it yet, but where is a problem there is always a solution.

What is a next target of Internetís hit list? Commercial TV broadcasters. Luckily, we have here one non-commercial operator in Finland which delivers sometimes something interesting.
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