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A short funny story. Early 2000 I travelled very often between Ireland and Finland. Usually via Heathrow airport which I hate. It is a airport which has lost/delayed my luggages. If you can, avoid Heathrow.

I went to Ireland about the Christmas time and I had to buy presents for the family. For my son I bought a light sabre, basically a tourch. Yes maybe a long one. I travel light, I've miles behind. So mainly I'm having only hand luggages. I started trip from Shannon airport to London Heatrow. But when checking in in Heathrow the light sabre was a problelem. It was too thrthning like thing. Really, a tourch. Light sabre stayed to London. Probably not better to repeat what I said to the lady in customs.

This story has a happy ending. MD of our Irish subcridiary hear the story. He bought the light sabre and sent it buy courrier to Finland.

Thanx Paul!
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