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I'm representing the generation which messaging started by talking. In 60's and 70s. The pagers invented for the one way communication 80's there wasn't anything new in messaging words but the mobile came. In Scandinavian came the NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) which was originally working on 450 MHz area analogue system. It supported roaming!

In early 90's the 1st GSM networks opened (the 1t was Radiolinja in Finland, today part of Elisa plc.). GSM change our communication behaviour, it has SMS (Short Message Service) built incise. That changed our communication behaviour.

Today mobile phone is not any more a mobile phone. It is a gadget to communicate to our friends, familiy and partners. We are using Whatapp, Snapchat and even Skype (like me since 2000).

Nokia didn't recognise this megatrend, luckily they sold their mobile business to Microsoft.

Funny how far a short story of messaging drives you ;-)
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