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A week ago I came back from Dubai, UAE. I visited my brother with my son. Trip was excellent because we had a local guide who told us what to do and where to go. We saw Burj Al Arab. Visited Burj Khalifa which is still the highest building in the world. Visited a mall (Dubai Mall) which had ice-skating area and also mall where you can do downhill skiing (Emirates Mall). And obviously we had to visit the desert.

The key difference to the Finnish culture is that if you have money. you will show it. I have not seen so many Ferraris. Lamborginies, Rolls Royces and even one McLaren’s sports car in one we (Finns) will always hide our assets.

The whole place felt so man-made that one was all of the time thinking is that real or fake. For example, Dubai mall had a real(?) skeleton of dinosaur. Bloody hell.

And now to the key question, water. This the key point, can they produce enough water? The problem is that they are wasting it like they are wasting everything, because of the oil money. We*ll see.
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