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tweeted few days ago by using wintertime and normal time. Of coerce the correct term is daylight saving time.
As you might noticed I live in Finland, Helsinki. If you go 1200 km to north, you are still in Finland, place called Utsjoki. During the summertime the sun is shining 24/7. Good time to save daylight, collect it to bucket or tin can. During the winter, there is a long period when sun is shining 0/7. So that is good time to use saved daylight.
Anyway, my laptop handles the situation because of NTP (Network time protocol), digital TV and digibox handles the situation automatically. But, I have 3 traditional clocks on the wall and a wrist watch (nice Candino) and of course microwave and normal oven. Manual work. New car, no experience yet how it handles the situation.
And why we have this thing? I have allowed to tell me that it has been idea is from French government officers. And now they want to get rid of it. So make a stupid decision, push it through and the try to get rid of it. This keeps you busy (and important), which means your job is secured.
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