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Why part 2? Part 1 is an article written some time ago, link is attached to this blog.

It is quite obvious that the target group for part one is bigger companies or companies which have a strong position in their own business area. Ideas of the article can be used also if you are planning to bring something totally new to the markets or some kind of new business model which will breach the old rules of the markets.

But,,, Yes there is always a but. +60% of the companies are one person companies shows. They are barbers and plumbers, doing very basic work, important but not so sexy. The growing part of these one person companies are the specialists. Very highly educated persons specialised to the certain niche and selling his/hers special know-how. Obviously one of the mega trends is the change in our working environment, we are moving towards self-employment. It is said that the old prototype of entrepreneur was a man over 50 years old and Toyota Hiace, today it is a woman under 40 and a laptop. One of the key questions is that are we ready for this? Does our social environment support this?

Are the one person companies having a sleepless nights when they are thinking of mega trends? Not really. Their issues are much more basic, like:
- what is the legal format of the company?
- what kind of premises I need and where they should be located?
- how I will organise the bookkeeping?
- what kind of investments needs to be done?
- how I will fund the starting phase of the company?
- from where I will found the 1st customers?

Then comes the 1st steps to the strategical thinking. There are some basic questions and answers to them which should drive the company. These are:
- who are our customers?
- who are our competitors?
- why are we better?
- what is our USP (=unique selling point)?
- is our message clear enough

Keeping these five basic questions in your mind the company should deliver. Then comes the next step, the growth. The 1st decision is that do I target for it. If yes, that is a different story.
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