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A dramatic headline? Unfortunately I usually feel like that. Have you bought a box of candies? Or a plastic bag of them? How about 1 litre ice cream? Cookies? Or tried you wash your dishes in the machine? The common problem to these items are how they’ve been packed. Nice cardboard box which has dotted line where it should be open. Plastic bag with grout joint for opening. Everything should work without tools.

Maybe the cardboard opens when the humidity conditions are optimal. Plastic bags might open properly if you have small and strong enough fingers. Why small, because the manufacturers tries to minimise the use of the packing material. Usually they opens, especially candy ones so that you collect your candies from the ground. Usually you need tools, hope not the weapons of mass destruction. Maybe scissors. Packages are also the place to save money. For example, I smoke cigarillos which name starts with C (naughty me). They have 20 and 10 cigarillos boxes. Nice metal ones easy to open. They have now introduced new package for the 10 cigarillos box, cardboard one wrapped to plastic cover so tight that it is impossible to open. Yes, there is a string which should open the plastic cover. The word should tells the whole story, the tools are required. And I hate thos cardboard boxes. How long we have had products already packed it the factory? As long as we have had non-working packages!

I am not a fan of Apple. My dislike is not based on rational thinking, it is based on feelings and values, Like the brand of Apple. There are a lots of stories about Apple and Steve Jobs, this one I have read from the book written by Walter Isaacson (yes, believe or not, I can read). Although I am not a fan, there are some interesting issues around Apple. It was very important to Apple that people would get wow-effect when opening the box of their product. They are making special effort on that. The wow-effect does not mean that wow, I was able to open the box, without tools.
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