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As I have mentioned, many times that after the industrialisation there have been no major changes in the business world. the internet has created most of the new features. So still we can dig out the old schoolbooks.

I was asked some time as a business mentor to look for one shop and why its sale was not high enough. It was a franchising business selling for the companies but mainly for the consumers. There were at that time two other shops under the same franchising brand and they were doing ok. This company was nicely located, quite central position in Helsinki, big street around, for example the shop was on the one of the main routes to Espoo. Lots of offices and office hotels nearby. One big University of Applied Sciences next to it. So the place was perfect. Or was it?

I tried to find out the problem for this and I looked for everything. No solution until I compared to the other shops and ended up the old theory, the place. What was the difference between the places? Walking customers. Shop one: located to the one of the main railway stations in Helsinki, loads of walking customers. Shop number 2: located on the one of the main routes from Helsinki to the east and north. Within 50 meters 3 bus stops and 2 tram stops and loads of offices and schools. My shop: no public transportation and stops. All of them are on the next streets. You can see the shop when driving from Helsinki to Espoo but no parking places available. Solution, change the place.

What is the moral of the story? Old theories can still be valid. The obvious question is that why the Country Manager did not knew that? You are fired.
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