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What they are? How they affect on us?

Maybe one can define them as “something happened”. And we cannot affect to them, we just have to recognise then and act accordingly. Basically they are trends of consumer behaviour, how new technology change their behaviour and what new gadgets are introduced. It is also a continues wakeup call for businesses, you cannot sleep, you have to be woken up all of the time. A small nap can kill your business.

Big companies follows the Megatrends as small ones should too. For example Kone plc. Is saying that the aging of the people and the urbanisation are the major Megatrends affecting on them. Smaller businesses are good indicators what is happening. I am active in one Finnish association, Business Mentors of Finland and we help (mainly small) companies when they have problems/issues. For example, the end of Finnish recession was seen seen in our database already two yeas ago. What can be seen today? I have an idea.

One business is in a very challenging situation due to the changing world is the printed media. Digitalisation is their pain. It is also our pain. We do not get edited news, we get copies of tweets written by some public person. It looks like the standard editor is a robot which follows the group of selected public persons and shares their tweets on the papers account. If it is question of an investigative journalism, he or she might use Google search engine. What is the new paper in social media. They have a printed copy of they day and then they publish headers from the paper during the day.

The dilemma comes from the fact that internet have educated us for free content. To produce high quality news you need money. So you and me are the guilt ones for this problem!
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