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The Circle of life is not necessary only a pathetic sheisse produced by Walt Disney. Especially if you change the circle to the cycle and the life to the business. We have the cycle of business which is a some kind of mega trend.

Fashion goes in cycles, sometimes you were 60's, 70's or even 80's clothes. I have no idea what decade is ongoing but God save us from 70's fashion. Economy will go up within roughly 10 years period. Which goes up must come down. So what for we need economists? Please let me know. There are always trends in the world which will come and go and come and go. For example, at the certain stage of the history when Nokia needed boxes to package their products did they buy boxes? Nope, they bought whole bloody box factory. After the that came the phase where you gave up everything which is not your core. No thinking is quite often that if you have to independent, totally different product area is a insurance for the company.

Shopping malls are not a new invention but they have had a big and long term influence to our economy and shopping behavior. Are they moving towards cycle business? That might cause big dead bodies around.

Currently the trend seems to be that in the city centers there should be small shops from where you buy your stuff. Or everyone says that. The reality is different. For example, if you exclude all of the market halls I know one butcher shop in Helsinki. No fish mongers. Why is that? Market economy, people say other and acts different way. It is so easy to drive into shopping mall's warm parking place and go to one stop shopping into the super market. It is also very difficult to find place where are small shops available, Helsinki city center small area, Kallio and some parts of Töölö.

However, there are rumors coming over the big sea, malls are not so popular anymore. If look malls in the city center of Helsinki, there are some interesting observations one can make. Kluuvi, location good, no/bad profile, dead meat. Forum, clothes. Around the 3rd one there are some interesting phenomenas. It is a hub for local public traffic. Metro, buses and trams. Big change happened. New route to Espoo by metro opened which caused big changes also Espoo's traffic in Kamppi. The vehicle change requirements for local traffic to Espoo reduced and it can be seen by shops in Kamppi. Is Kamppi going to survive in a long run? Or is it going to die and give space for small shops around the city. This change in the public traffic just made us visible the sensitivity of the business case of the mall.

In the big world you do strange things in the big mall (the linked picture).
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