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It is an adjective, not a noun which means that under eighteen can read this blog. Including standard stock analyst who are doing reports of the public companies without any understanding what those companies are really doing.

From time to time companies needs funding. There can be several reasons for that, like new investments for new products, company expansion or even cash flow problems. To get funding is much easier for bigger companies than SMEs and this is a serious problem. The reason is that in Finland there are little less than 300000 private companies of which 93% are employing less than 10 people. This means 25% of Finnish work force working in private sector.

The available private funders are entrepreneurs pocket, banks, crowd funding and some others. Obviously there are limits on the entrepreneurs pockets and the banks are very very conservative. They don't take any risks, usually they require warranties which are really over priced. Banks are complaining the the EU regulation of their financial solidity. I have some doubts of this argument. However this is changing our financial markets. New tools have been introduced, like crowd funding which is very interesting possibility. Everything new is not always good, there has come also players which main goal seems to be clean the company which needs funding. Yes, they get the money but the price can go skyhigh.

Public funding is mainly concentrated around Business Finland / Team Finland. Now we are coming to sexy part. They have defined focus areas where they are concentrating. For example: their sexy areas are clean tech, health technology all of the export business just to mention few. If your application contains one or more of the defined sexy areas, a plastic bag of money is available.

There is always a but. Where is the hole in the offering? "Boring", non-sexy, must-do business has very much difficulties get get proper funding. For example, barber shop has market potential to expand from five seats to ten seats. Owner don't have enough money in his/hers pocket. Most likely small investment with small risk. Even with good warranties the bank loan is not guaranteed. Business Finland? No way Hose. The issue here is that if we forgot old stuff, we will break our basic infrastructure which is a base to develop something new.
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